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The social media fountain company







Social Media Fountain, is a concept that integrates all the fountain features (water, lighting and music) and makes them available to interact with people.


Our system uses the latest technology incorporated to smarthphones to let the user interact with fountain features inside a controlled, user friendly and intuitive interface that pulls useful information from your smarthphone directly to the fountain.


The useful information can be as simple as the touch of your fingertips sliding through the smarthphone glass changing the color of the fountain, to the complexity of controlling the angle of water nozzles depending on the sensor’s information.

Products and









Our products use world-class components to reach the highest quality standards and our engineers team has more than 230 sucessfull projects installed.


Using the exciting technology to interact with our fountains, we encourage the active relation between users and their environment, creating a new channel that connects fountains directly to social networks.


You will be able to tweet comments, suggestions or wishes from our application, or post your amazing fountain picture or video into your social network.  We will connect the fountain with you and your friends.


Our main goal is to create public spaces where users become an active element of the environment, where they feel that they are part of the fountain, and where people connected through their social networks can take part of this feeling too.


The beauty of musical fountains







Every single time that you have the opportunity to be next to a water fountain you experience the emotion of being in contact with the sound, beauty and joy that the water in motion transmits.


Aditionaly waterGush grants people, by the use of mobile devices, the power to operate our beautiful water fountains installed in public places; allowing them to change colors, movements, music and even connect to social networks.


" Water is the driving force in nature "

                                                                                            Leonardo Da Vinci.




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